Mission Statement
Company Goals and Objectives
Business Philosophy

Mission Statement

To provide the highest quality, most informative consulting service in the area of Customer Relationship Management, Application Integration (AI) and Financial Management. We distinguish ourselves by implementing sensible Oracle E-Business systems in a timely manner treating all requests with an unprecedented sense of urgency. All services are guaranteed with no additional cost to the client. Our services are executed to perform as promised and drive short-term business value. Customer satisfaction is number one priority.

Our success is based on four key principles:

  • Engage in detailed dialogue with clients to ensure a clear understanding of needs and timeline
  • Attract and retain the most experienced consultants and trainers
  • Partner with other leading providers in the industry
  • Offer clients solutions applicable to their business requirements

Company Goals and Objectives

iConfiguration has put in place the following goals and objectives making up the foundation of our services and execution:

  • Continue building a healthy, successful company that is a leader in customer service
  • Cultivate a loyal client/customer following
  • Look to expand our services and customer base
  • Display a clear vision of our goals and set reachable targets
  • Consistently strive to improve performance
  • Excel in enhancing performance
  • Leverage lessons-learned and accept valuable suggestions for improvement
  • Seek to always improve accomplished results
  • Develop new strategies
  • Promptly correct any shortcomings
  • Establish clear expectations
  • Demonstrate a high level of business acumen and sense of urgency
  • Display a self-reliant enterprise
  • Effectively apply new concepts and technology
  • Earn the respect of our clients/customers
  • Ensure accountability throughout the organization

Business Philosophy

We are a key player in an industry that is vital to the survival of our global economy. Without high performers and effective technology systems, products will not sell and services will not be delivered. Increased competition and rapid changes do not allow organizations the luxury of living in the moment. To be successful, organization leaders must envision the future. iConfiguration recognizes this, and therefore provides application technology solutions that build organizations capacity to innovate, solve problems, and meet current and future business challenges.

Our consultants are experts in assessing organizational needs - we design and implement Oracle solutions that enhance organizational effectiveness. Our employees and partners possess advanced degrees and extensive training and consulting experience; this allows clients to capitalize on a wealth of knowledge and skills, while interacting with customer-focused professionals.