As the Federal Government pushes toward more Commercial-Off-the-Shelf (COTS) and Government-Off-the-Shelf (GOTS) software and hardware solutions, Federal Agencies are facing a greater need to integrate those solutions with each other and with existing legacy systems.

iConfiguraton Consulting is ready to leverage our experienced and knowledgeable professionals for implementing system integration with the latest industry trends and information technology (IT) solutions. We understand that Federal Agencies continue to have growing workloads and increasingly tighter IT budgets. These challenging conditions call for the best technology practices for the business of government that immediately produce a strong ROI.

In a constrained environment, government technology solutions must solve the ever-present challenge to improve agency performance while efficiently managing daily transactions. At iConfiguration, we are dedicated to the federal, state and local government market, offering extensive experience with the design, execution, and oversight of large scale IT enterprise projects.

Our broad-based implementation services and staff augmentation support for complex systems with experienced Oracle professionals, allow our consulting services to drive value back into the IT budgets of our premiere Government clients. We provide consulting services using a flexible application of principles, theories, and concepts, which provide solutions to a wide range of complex problems with Oracle application implementation expertise.

iConfiguration Consulting offers the following services to the Government:

  • Oracle Application Implementation Services
  • Technology System Integration Services
  • Process Improvement and Business Transformation
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Networking
  • Production Upgrade Services
  • Custom Development
  • Production Support Services